Modern Islam – June 13, 2011


Solving the Mid East Crisis



 By Kamal Nawash




The term “modern Islam” is a controversial term often stirring deep passions among Muslims. Some Muslims use the term referring to a necessary evolution in Muslim thinking that is long overdue, while others are enraged by those who use the term as trying to change the basic tenets of Islam, which are “clear” with no change or evolution necessary.


The Free Muslims Coalition does not seek to change the tenets of the religion. However, the Coalition believes that the Qu’ran only provides general principals of governance, which leaves the faithful with substantial flexibility to modernize popular Muslim practices and beliefs.


The Coalition seeks to encourage discussion among Muslims about every aspect of their religion as it applies to modern times. The unwillingness of the Muslim religious establishment to consider modernizing the faith has relegated most Muslims to third world status and, in many instances, to a medieval existence.


Those who seek change are often afraid to speak out because of the aggressive and violent nature of those Muslims who reject change. The silence of peaceful Muslims has resulted in the hijacking of Islam by extremists and terrorists. This must change. The Coalition seeks to give a voice to these reformers and fearlessly challenges the extremists and those who justify terrorism.


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Howie Gardner has been pastor of Bel Air Assembly of God in Bel Air, Maryland since 1987. He is a graduate of Oral Roberts University and has done graduate studies at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, United Theological Seminary and ORU's Graduate school of Theology. He is the author of two books; "Oral Exam" (originally titled "Oral Roberts in the Eyes of One of His Students") and "The Church and Terri Schiavo." Gardner is a three time cancer survivor and, as recorded in "Church & Terri" has had a "clinical death" experience and a personal glimpse of the other side" He is quite an active distance runner with a number of awards; most recently a bronze medal in the Senior Olympics. Howie and his wife Angie have three children: daughter Lindsey (whose bone marrow donation spared his life) and twin boys Bernie and David. They live in Bel Air.
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